About Us

Education Programme

In collaboration with their rugs producer in India, Jenny and her husband Dennis have developed the Alternative Education Program. The aim of the program is to introduce literacy, numeracy and life skills into selected rural areas where weaving takes place. The primary group are the Dalit or “untouchables” class.

The philosophy of Jenny Jones Rugs is one of creating respect for the weavers. Although hand-woven rugs are true works of art made by highly skilled and passionate artisans, weaving is still viewed as a low status job. Jenny strongly believes the only way to truly help people is to educate them.

These basic human rights have been previously denied to many of the women in rural India. The introduction of this program has empowered these women and given them control over their lives and finances. Through this education program the weavers are given credibility within their society and peer group. To date, more than 2500 women have been educated through this program.

 “Seeing a young girl get up and read basic words was a very humbling experience for us as we have been privileged to have received this human right early in life. It was so empowering” – Jenny.