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At Jenny Jones Rugs we offer a unique custom design service with world class designers.


Custom Design Your Own Rug


You can work hand-in-hand with our brilliant team of designers to create your own rug, or bring in your own picture and sit alongside our team to create your very own masterpiece. Our state of the art software produces a reliable image for you to look at – one that can showcase the colours, textures and fabrics, and give you a glimpse of what the final rug will look like.

The custom design service at Jenny Jones Rugs gives clients the flexibility to make more choice and interact with the design process at no extra cost. See below for the step-by-step process involved in having your very own custom made rug!




STEP 1: Choose the Rug Size

Determining YOUR size

Jenny Jones rugs offer an obligation free home consultation (metropolitan area), which involves one of our highly skilled team members measuring up the space to determine the perfect size rug for home.





STEP 2: Choose the Rug Colour

Selecting YOUR colour palate

With over 1200 wool and silk colours to choose from there are almost unlimited colour possibilities. While the colour palate should complement your existing interior it should also be an expression of self.



STEP 3: Design Your Rug

Developing YOUR design

Work alongside Jenny (who is an international award winning designer) and her team to create a design within your budget. Using specialised software, we can convert any design into a realistic representation of the final rug*.

Having designed over 1000 custom order rugs we believe we have the secret to making the design process enjoyable and easy.



STEP 4: Order Your Rug

Placing YOUR order

Once the size, colours and design are finalised, your custom rug is ready to be ordered. Upon a deposit, your order will be sent to our producers in India or Nepal where weaving will commence.

The rug is hand-made and crafted using the finest knotting and the highest-grade, hand spun wool and silk.




STEP 5: The Final Product

After passing through the hands of numerous artisans and undergoing a number of processes your initial design idea is transformed to the final piece of art on the floor. Upon arrival in store your rug will be delivered to your home.

We guarantee all our custom designed rugs.

Want to know more about Jenny Jones Rugs’ custom design service? Then contact us today on (08) 9286 1200.