A runner can be created from any design in Jenny’s collections. Size and colour can be customised to compliment other rugs, creating pieces that can cleverly connect the areas in your home.

In order to determine the correct size for your runner you need to allow 10cm space on either side of the rug and 20-30cm on each end. So Measure the space you need to fill and deduct 20cm from the width and 40-60cm from the length.

Featured here are a selection of runners Jenny has created that can be customised to your size and colours as well as a selection of runners we currently have in stock.

For more information please contact one of our galleries.


  • tuscan history 1

    Tuscan History Runner

  • secret garden runner 2

    Zimmer Runner

  • vintage duckegg

    Vintage Runner

  • Design AB (vz)

    Vitreous Runner

  • *Runner Web Template

    Antique History

  • Crochet 1

    Crochet Runner

  • gypsy aqua

    Gypsy Runner

  • runner 2

    Absinthe Runner

  • SPR 1

    Elizabeth Runner

  • ER 633

    Isabel Runner

  • crochet lace atlantic

    Crochet Runner

  • CX 2071 aqua (vz)

    Hemming Runner