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City Windows

The initial inspiration for this design came about on one of Jenny’s trips to Lisbon, Portugal.

On the trip, Jenny saw a big wall filled with metal postal tags, and was inspired by their notion of a physical history of travelling, and different experiences over seas.

The layering of these postal tags onto a canvas, with some parts missing and some parts still visible, is an ode to the layering of history that occurs with travel.

Handspun NZ wool & 65% Chinese silk

Persian knot

Hand‐knotted with over 180,000 knots per square metre

More than 1.3 million individual knots (240 x 300cm)

Carved and Sculptured high/low texture

180 x 270cm | 240 x 300cm | 270 x 360cm | 300 x 420cm

Custom Sizing Available


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