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Crochet Lace

Inspired by her time in Zimbabwe Jenny’s Crochet Lace design is dedicated to the local women who wove and crocheted tobacco twine to feed their families. The intricate table clothes, bedspreads and clothing they created became cherished possessions of those lucky enough to own them.

The more detailed relative of Crochet, Crochet Lace builds on the original design with an organic lace motif. The complexity achieved within the layering to create an almost 3D effect is balanced by the delicate web-like nature of the carved lace layer.

Part of the Contemporary Collection Crochet Lace uses subtle shifts in colour and pile height, along with lustre of bamboo silk contrasting with New Zealand wool to create a unique and luxurious handcrafted rug.

Handspun NZ wool & bamboo silk

Persian knot
800,000 individual knots (240 x 300 cm)
Carved and Sculptured high/low texture


Available to order in standard sizes:

180 x 270cm | 240 x 300cm | 270 x 360cm | 300 x 420cm |

Custom sizing available


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