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Fossil was inspired by Jenny’s intrigue in archaeology, particularly her time spent in Turkey collecting fossils of ancient ocean creatures with her family. With its subtle repeat of the stylised shell motif amidst organic striations of texture, Fossil represents discovered ancient treasures and a link to the past.

The subtle shifts in colour result in an elegant art piece with depth, interest and obvious handcrafted qualities whilst still maintaining an atmosphere of even flow. It brings the luxury of nature back into the home.

Part of the Contemporary Collection Fossil uses Persian knotting and contrasts the lustre of bamboo silk with New Zealand wool to create a unique and luxurious handcrafted rug.

Handspun NZ wool & bamboo silk

Persian knot


800,000 individual knots (240 x 300cm)

Available to order in standard sizes:

180 x 270cm | 240 x 300cm | 270 x 360cm | 300 x 420cm |

Custom sizing available


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