Luxe / Heart


This design is inspired from Jenny’s time being welcomed by new people while traveling. The motifs reflect her days spent in Singapore and Indonesia, and are borrowed with respect from the traditional form of Batik. “Heart” comes from the Javanese phase “Batik Manah” which means ‘drawing a batik design on the heart’. This rug radiates with warmth and seeks to mimic a heartfelt welcome.

Heart is part of our Batik collection, this collection takes inspiration from the traditional technique of Batik. With skills past down through the generations, this unique method of resist dying is a treasured pastime of Indonesians. This collection seeks to con temporise the patterns, while capturing the integrity of the original. The designs are understated yet always elegant.

Handspun Tibetan wool and pure silk

Tibetan knot


155,000 individual knots per square meter

Available to order in standard sizes:

180 x 270cm |  240 x 300cm | 270 x 360cm |  300 x 420cm

Custom sizing available