Classics / Lorenzo


This design is inspired by rugs that feature in artwork by 16th century painter Lorenzo Lotto. Typically associated with the Venetian school of painters, Lorenzo Lotto was most active during the high renaissance.

These Lotto rugs embody the superiority and complexity of the time period. Featuring a lacy arabesque with Venetian influences, they are ornamental, yet delicate.

Handspun NZ wool & 75% Chinese silk

Persian knot


1.7 million individual knots (240 x 300 cm)

Carved and Sculptured high/low texture

Available to order in standard sizes:

180 x 270cm | 240 x 300cm | 270 x 360cm | 300 x 420cm |

Custom sizing available


Also available in:

Slate Blue | Metallics | Silver | Duckegg

Linen | Fog | Denim

Custom colours available