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How would you describe your service experience at Jenny Jones Rugs?

Great fun!  It’s a real family at Jenny Jones and everyone offers the same level of service, whether one of the young guys doing all the lifting, or Jenny herself.  It doesn’t matter who you speak to, they all know who you are and what you are looking for, and can assist.


How would you say your Jenny Jones Rug has changed the atmosphere and aesthetic of your home?

Having had no rugs/carpets in much of the house, it does now feel completely transformed.  It also feels warmer, cosier, and more welcoming. 


Would you recommend the Jenny Jones experience to your friends?

Absolutely!  There is so much involved in choosing a rug/carpet and the           

JJ team is able to guide you every step of the way.  Most importantly, there is no sales pressure because they know that each client is different, each space is different, and a rug has to be right for it to be loved, and I get the feeling they don’t want any of their carpets not to be loved.


How would you describe your experience with the Jenny Jones Custom Design process?

No experience so far, but I love the fact that it is available so that I could create something truly unique if I wanted to.

Alex Burt, Margaret River