All rugs are exclusive to Jenny Jones Rugs and handknotted using the finest quality handspun wool and pure silk. Custom colours and bespoke sizes available to order.

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In collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens of Victoria, Jenny has created a stunning collection of Wildflower cushions. These designer cushions are made from linen with wildflower patterns hand sewn by our expert weavers using pure silk. Each image on these designer cushions complement the luxury rugs in Jenny’s Wildflower Collection, such as the Wattle and the Blue Bell

Bluegum: The floral emblem of Tasmania, Bluegum designer cushions feature white sickle-shaped flowers budding in groups of three or seven in a short peduncle, with dark green and ovate-shaped leaves. 
Wattle: The floral emblem of the entire Australian nation, Wattle designer cushions feature tiny gold flowers with white buds clustered in long stems and with long oblong-shaped dark green leaves. 
Kangaroo Paw: The floral emblem of Western Australia, Kangaroo Paw designer cushions feature fan-like clusters of red and gold, kangaroo paw-shaped flowers attached to long stems which usually bloom in late spring. 
Sturt Desert Pea: The floral emblem of South Australia, Sturt Desert Pea designer cushions feature vibrant red leaf-shaped, slender-tipped flowers with a black centre and stems covered with downy hairs. 
Waratah: The floral emblem of New South Wales, Waratah designer cushions feature bright red buds clustered together in one head to create round flowers with dark green leathery leaves. 
Desert Rose: The floral emblem of the Northern Territory, Desert Rose designer cushions feature clusters of purple flowers with flat plates that grow and open in a rose-like formation. 
Blue Bell:  The floral emblem of the Australian Capital Territory, Blue Bell designer cushions feature star-shaped flowers with pointed tips, often blooming in shades of blue including lilac and cobalt. 
Cooktown Orchid: The floral emblem of Queensland, Cooktown Orchid designer cushions feature three to five-petal butterfly-shaped flowers usually in purple with a deep lilac centre. 
Common Heath: The floral emblem of Victoria, Common Heath designer cushions feature four-cleft or bell-shaped flowers in shades of pink, clustered in small and narrow, thorn-like leaves.

Browse our collection of Designer Cushions and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our design consultants if you need assistance in purchasing Wildflower Rugs to match your designer Wildflower designer cushions. We can custom-size your chosen rug to fit your floor space or your wall. Jenny Jones contemporary rugs ships Australia-wide including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart Adelaide and Perth.