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Jenny Jones Rugs feature five premium designer rug collections handcrafted by weaving high-quality hand-spun wool and pure silk.  A designer rug from Jenny is a conversation piece that catches attention in any room. Each piece is reflective of traditional or modern themes from past and present including Wildflowers, Transitional, Contemporary, and Hamptons-inspired designs and patterns.  

Jenny is an Award-Winning Rug Designer that incorporates art into her designs. She continues to push boundaries in design by creating themed pieces that evoke reaction and conversation when translated into designs for her designer rugs. Each hand-knotted thread is woven with a particular design in mind and is durably tied together to create long-lasting designer rugs for Hobart homes. 

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From considering your existing interiors to providing placement and colour suggestions, our committed team will provide styling support to ensure your rug, whether curated or a popular design, perfectly suits your Hobart home. 

All bespoke designs are at Jenny’s discretion depending on the nature and size of the project. Complex large designs can take a team of 5 highly skilled artisans and weavers up to a year to complete.

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.Jenny takes various inspirations from her travels and interests. She turns her visions into concrete figures and abstract patterns which are then intricately woven into luxury designer rugs using wool and pure silk. Browse our full collection of designer rugs, including Contemporary, Wildflower, Classic rugs and other Luxury themed rugs. We make sure to have all our designer rugs and luxury rugs available for delivery throughout Hobart and the rest of Australia.


We believe in creating opportunities for individuals to learn and develop until they can stand on their own. With this in mind, Jenny, her husband, Dennis, and the whole team at Jenny Jones Rugs, are dedicated to helping weavers from rural villages in India and Nepal develop literacy, numeracy and life skills through the Alternative Education Program.

We currently help imprisoned families through the Prison Fellowship of Nepal as well as providing interest-free loans to female small business owners through the Revolving Fund & Goat Farm. Jenny Jones Rugs also supports families affected by COVID-19 through donation packs. Join us in giving back to the community today!

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Browse our full collection of Jenny Jones Designer Rugs! We have over 400 pieces of luxury rugs, each crafted by hand using the highest quality hand-spun wool and pure silk.  All of our designer and contemporary rugs are available for purchase and can be delivered throughout Australia including Hobart.