All rugs are exclusive to Jenny Jones Rugs and handknotted using the finest quality handspun wool and pure silk. Custom colours and bespoke sizes available to order.

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Jenny Jones Floral Rug Collection Features Australian Wildflowers& Is Ready For Delivery
throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart & Auckland.

Inspired by her childhood and her many travels, Jenny has created a stunning collection of floral rugs. These designer rugs are made from pure silk and hand spun wool with wildflower patterns hand knotted by our expert weavers. Each design on these designer rugs complements the luxury designer cushions inspired by the Royal Botanic Gardens of Victoria featured in Jenny’s Wildflower Designer Cushion Collection.

Banksia: This wildflower features serrated leaves, fruity cones and spikey, textured blooms which gives it its distinct character. 
Australian Banksia: Inspired by the wildflower, the Australian Banksia by Jenny Jones is a bespoke design for the Governor of NSW. 
Grevillea: Known for its petalless flower with spider-like features, Grevillea is an Australian Wildflower that creates an abstract look when translated into designer floral rugs. 
Eucalyptus: Also popularly known as a gum tree, this petalless flower with vase-shaped buds and a base which looks like a dandelion flower. 
Everlasting: Everlasting is a native wildflower of Western Australia which depicts the arrival of Spring in Western Australia’s bushland.
Waratah: The floral emblem of New South Wales, Waratah floral rugs feature bright red buds clustered together in one head to create round flowers with dark green leathery leaves.
Bottlebrush: Specially chosen by Jenny to sit in her new home, this floral rug depicts cylindrical, brush-like flowers which gives the name Bottlebrush. 
Australian Bottlebrush: Inspired by the wildflower, the Australian Bottlebrush by Jenny Jones is a bespoke design for her Excellency the Governor of NSW. 
Wattle: As the floral emblem of Australia, Wattle floral rugs feature tiny gold flowers with white buds clustered in long stems and with long oblong-shaped dark green leaves.
Australian Wattle: Inspired by the wildflower, the Australian Wattle by Jenny Jones is a bespoke design for her Excellency the Governor of NSW. 
Sturt Desert Pea: The floral emblem of South Australia, Sturt Desert Pea floral rugs feature vibrant red leaf-shaped, slender-tipped flowers with a black centre and stems covered with downy hairs. 

Browse our collection of Floral Rugs and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our stylists if you need assistance. We can custom-size your chosen rug to fit your floor space or your wall, or even alter the colours to suit your home with our custom rug styling services. Jenny Jones contemporary rugs ships Australia-wide including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.