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Jenny and her husband Dennis are committed to giving back to the communities in India and Nepal that make an invaluable contribution to their business. They believe in creating respect for the weavers, as although handmade rugs are true works of art, weaving is still viewed as a low status job.

Jenny Jones Rugs has a very hands on approach to supporting these communities and is involved in a number of programs in both India and Nepal.

The Alternative Education Program was developed by Jenny and Dennis with the aim of introducing literacy, numeracy and life skills into selected rural areas where weaving takes place. The primary group are the Dalit or “untouchables” class whom are regarded as one of the lowest classes in India. The introduction of this program has empowered these women and given them control over their lives and finances as well as given credibility within their society and peer group. To date, more than 2500 women have been educated through the program.

In Nepal when the main supporting family member goes to prison the whole family goes to prison with them. The Prison Fellowship Of Nepal is a foundation that provides support to these families, and with their consent removes the children from the prison. Under the care of the Fellowship the children are well cared for and receive an education. Jenny Jones Rugs currently supports 35 of these children.

Goat Farms have been established by Jenny Jones Rugs in partnership with the Prison Fellowship which teach communities agricultural skills as well as providing support to the children of the prisoners.

The Revolving Fund was set up to offer small business loans at 0% interest to women who are ex-prisoners. They are supported and mentored by leading local business owners and learn invaluable life skills.

If you would like more information on any of the above programs or would like to offer your support please do not hesitate to contact us at one of our showrooms

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