Chambord Linen
Chambord Linen 1
Chambord Linen
Chambord Linen 1


Colourway: Linen

Drawing from Wabi-Sabi, one of Jenny’s most popular organic designs, has become the backdrop for traditional Ushak motifs from the 16th century. High and low pile heights and the lustre of pure silk create a subtle vintage look. The result is a progression from a contemporary organic design with strong connections to the past.

Jenny’s transitional designs allow her passion and respect for history to meet with her eye for contemporary design. These designs are where old meets new, where traditional patterns and motifs are rubbed back and reinvented with strong colour and texture building a bridge between classic and contemporary styles.

Hand knotted in Persian knotting

Handspun wool & pure silk

Cut pile with handcarved high and low pile heights

Please enquire for stock availablity. Custom colours and sizes to order.

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