All Jenny Jones rugs are completely handmade from design to finishing. Each rug will pass through as many as 180 set of hands before it is complete, and can be comprised of anywhere from 800,000 to 3,000,000 individual knots (in a standard size rug).

All designs begin with Jenny. Before weaving can begin, the colour and composition of each individual knot is carefully decided, creating a map for the weavers to follow.

A handcrafted masterpiece that is completely unique and will last generations.

If you would like to learn more about our production process please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Carding & Spinning

All of our rugs use the highest quality handspun wool and pure silk. Handspun wool is significantly stronger than machine spun wool, whilst the pure silk has a shine like no other.


The materials are expertly hand dyed to Jenny’s carefully chosen colour palette. These centuries old techniques create natural variations in colour and texture that mean that every rug is unique.


The rugs are hand woven using traditional artisan techniques. Each knot on the rug is intricately created by hand, a skill that takes years to perfect. Complex large designs can take a team of 5 weavers up to a year to weave.


Each stroke flushes out what is unnecessary and at the same time increases the strength of the underlying knots. The woven rugs are then thoroughly washed and dried in the sun to strengthen the fibers.

Finishing and Carving

Finally the rug is passed to the finishing team. This is where the group of highly skilled artisans cut the high and low pile heights and add the intricate carving details.

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