Ephesus Metallics1
Ephesus Metallics
Ephesus Metallics1
Ephesus Metallics


Colourway: METALLICS

PERSIAN HANDKNOTTED / Handspun wool & pure silk / High and low pile heights

Inspired by Jenny's time of travelling to this ancient city Ephesus in Turkey, this design elegantly reimagines the old Roman ruins in a fresh, contemporary style and channels the essence of time.

Infused with the spirit of Jenny's passion for archaeology, the design beautifully captures the essence of ancient ruins and broken walls that once stood tall in this legendary city. Each detail evokes the timeless beauty and grandeur of Ephesus, transporting you to a bygone era of architectural marvels.

Ephesus can also be done in all wool. Please contact for pricing.

Please enquire for stock availablity.

Custom colours, sizes, circles, irregular shapes and runners to order.

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