Ruby Room Spice 1 1
Ruby Room Spice 4
Ruby Room Spice 1 1
Ruby Room Spice 4

Ruby Room

Colourway: SPICE

Persian handknotted / Handspun wool & bamboo silk / High and low pile heights

Childhood memories of 1950’s film sirens, delicate lace and silk, glass beads glittering in the night enticing you into a secret parlour and dreams of what mysteries lie beyond the beads. These thoughts were Jenny’s inspiration for the award winning Ruby Room design where a mysteriously feminine and organic form lies behind the beaded curtain.

Winner of Best Modern Design in the Carpet Design Awards at the Domotex International Rug Expo, Ruby Room marked a departure from the expected and a realisation from Jenny that there was no longer a need to follow traditional design constraints.

Please enquire for stock availablity.

Custom colours, sizes, circles, irregular shapes and runners to order.

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