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Choosing the perfect rug is a journey through size, colour and design. The right rug creates a sense of harmony and elegance in the room connecting the space not dominating it.

Choosing the correct size rug should always be your starting point. Visit our Size Guide for all the tips on how to determine the right size rug for your room.

what is your colour?

Look at what you love in your home, art, furnishings and special treasures.

Take inspiration from your favourite magazines and social media and you will soon find a dominant colour theme emerges. A Jenny Jones rug is an investment piece that will last a lifetime and should be the colour you love not a passing trends! Small accessories can be used to add colour trends to  your room.

Jenny designs in family’s of colours, tonal paletes that allow more than one design to sit together in our open plan homes. Colours can move from contemporary rugs to the classics, designs will not fight with each other as long as the colours are from the same family.

Jenny’s is renowned in the rug world for her expert eye for colour, she has developed the key colour stories below after studying trends in interiors and fashion as well as what works best in her clients homes.

Let these colour families be the guide to choosing the colour of you rug and you won’t go wrong.


Hamptons Blues







Moss Green

now choose your design

Once you have chosen your size and colour, choosing a design that you love is the final step in the journey towards the perfect rug.

Jenny’s collections are diverse, from abstract Contemporary rugs to classic Hamptons inspired designs. Let your rug be an expression of your personal style, visit Jenny’s collections below and discover the design that sings to you.

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The expert team of design consultants at Jenny Jones Rugs are here to guide you through this journey, helping you to choose the right rug for your room making a stress free experience.  

Fill in your details below and upload any photos of your room as well as key elements such as art work. Click on ‘Upload Image’ below and you can send us your photos.
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