At the heart of Jenny Jones Rugs is the belief that hand knotted rugs are an art form that can bring harmony and balance to a room as well as tell a story.

Jenny’s passion for the art of rug making began in Turkey in 1995 where she was living with her husband and young family. As Jenny explored the famous rug markets her appreciation and understanding of this ancient art grew and she began hand selecting the most beautiful pieces to bring into Australia.

With the movement towards contemporary style came a new chapter and the beginning of Jenny’s career as a rug designer, responding to the need for rugs that complimented our modern way of living. One of the first rug designers in the world to create contemporary hand knotted rugs.

Listening to her clients stories and understanding their taste and style allowed Jenny to create contemporary, bespoke designs that were unique to the individual. This personal connection with her clients and the highest levels of customer service is the strength behind Jenny Jones Rugs.

Jenny’s collections are both diverse and unique, from organic, abstract designs to her renowned Wildflower collection. Unique to Jenny are her modern day classics which reinterpret traditional designs and bring them into the 21st century with the use of sophisticated, tonal colour.

The emotional response that a beautifully balanced room can evoke and the drive to create continue to motivate Jenny to push boundaries in design. With over 25 years in the industry she continues to be recognised as one of the best contemporary rug designers in the world with collections in the US and Asia as well as numerous international awards.

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