Moroccan Tiles


During the 4 years Jenny spent living in Africa her family spent so many weekends at the national parks , staying overnight to be amongst the amazing wildlife. Precious memories!

Jenny fell in love with the richness of the paper bark textiles and the art of the Maasai people, which is reflected in the 1st layer of this design.

The Dhow boats would sail along the east coast from Bengal to Madagascar bringing a Moroccan influence all the way to Kenya.

Moroccan Tiles depicts the beautiful layers of these memories, the animal print behind the rubbed back outlines of Moroccan tiles aged over time.  Full of memories just like the Jones’ family lives.

Hand knotted in Persian knotting


Handspun wool & pure silk


Cut pile with handcarved high and low pile heights

Please enquire for stock availability. Custom colours and sizes to order.


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