Kimono Metallics 1 1
Kimono Metallics 3
Kimono Metallics 1 1
Kimono Metallics 3


Colourway: METALLICS

Persian handknotted / Handspun wool & pure silk / High and low pile heights

In the early 90’s Jenny's family hosted two Japanese exchange students. During this time, she developed a deep love for the rich and intricate culture of Japan.

Clothed in their traditional garments, Shioko would show Jenny, the exquisite patches of kimono silk, layered with motifs rich in Japanese culture and symbolism. For 18 months Jenny and her family embraced the Japanese lifestyle, even learning to make Sushi. Though they did not visit Japan, Jenny felt like Japan came home to her family.

Please enquire for stock availablity.

Custom colours, sizes, circles, irregular shapes and runners to order.

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