The first step towards choosing your perfect rug is to determine the correct size. The rug is the foundation of the room and the invisible wall in open plan living. When the rug is the right size it will create elegance and harmony in the space by connecting all the elements into one story. The larger the rug the larger the room will look, while a small rug will draw the eye in and make the space feel smaller. You eye stops where the rug stops.


In open plan living areas, the rug becomes the fifth wall and is key to defining areas within rooms. For example, the rug in the sitting area separates this space from the dining area. This anchors each space, completing the room so it feels finished.

Bedroom Landscape

The bedroom is the room we are most likely to have bare feet in and stepping out of bed onto a handmade rug is a touch of luxury. Avoid placing a smaller rug at the end of the bed instead choosing a generous size that will flow under the bed and anchor the room.

The bed will only cover the same amount of rug as a coffee table.

Size Guide 2020 300x420 copy 10 scaled

bedroom one

King Size Bed 180 x 200cm

Size Guide 2020 300x420 copy 6 scaled

bedroom two

King Size Bed 180 x 200cm

Occasional chair 70 x 70cm

Size Guide 2020 300x420 copy 7 scaled

bedroom three

King Size Bed 180 x 200cm

Round Table 45 x 45cm

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