Inspired by Jenny’s time living in Zimbabwe, Crochet is inspired by the local women who wove and crocheted tobacco twine into delicate treasures that they sold to support their families. The design appears organic at first glance but the teardrop motif adds structure, creating form within the movement. This rug is hand knotted with the highest knotting density, intricately carved layers of pure silk and subtle colour shifts create a luxurious work of art.

Drawing inspiration from Jenny’s many travels and experiences, each design in the Art Pieces Collection has its own unique story which Jenny would love to share with you. These contemporary designs are one of a kind and the epitome of handcrafted beauty and are truly ‘Art On The Floor’.

Hand knotted in Persian knotting


Handspun wool & pure silk


Cut pile with handcarved high and low pile heights

Please enquire for stock availability. Custom colours and sizes to order.


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